Main themes

Health Promotion

  • 7GCHP, Nairobi, October 2009
  • The sub-plenaries considered themes that cut across the five conference tracks:

    Health Literacy

    Community Empowerment
    Building Capacity
    Health Systems
    Intersectoral Action

    They demonstrated the interdependence between health promotion, primary health care and the social determinants of health, and a range of exemplar priority areas for action.

  • Joint NGO Statement at WHA61
  • Progress Report, WHO Executive Board, 122nd session, January 2008
  • WHA60 Resolution: Health promotion in a globalized world
  • The Bangkok Charter for Health Promotion (BCHP) in a Globalized World
  • Policy and partnership for health promotion — addressing the determinants of health (Kwok-Cho Tang, Robert Beaglehole, & Desmond O'Byrne, December 2005)

Primary Health Care

Social Determinants of Health

Local Wisdom

The NGO Advisory Group on Health Promotion has chosen Local Wisdom as focus area of its activities in 2008. The Task Force set up at the NGO AGHP Planning Meeting, 21 May 2008, during WHA61, has launched a discussion about a project proposal "Grass-roots advocacy and action for community development". The aim is to identify local/regional networks and collect their successful initiatives which advocate for the use of local knowledge and community assets. The project would demonstrate the benefits of globalizing indigenous knowledge and provide a framework for NGOs for strengthening grass-roots advocacy in this process.

Local wisdom is a dynamic knowledge resource held, evolved and transmitted by a defined population and integrated with their understanding of surrounding nature and culture. It is the basis for local-level decision-making in health care, agriculture, education, natural resource management and many other activities in rural communities. Adequate and appropriate local wisdom provides income, reduces cost/expenses, increases efficiency of production and improves quality of life.
Interview with Caroline Nyamai-Kisia, Director Afri Afya

Climate Change

WHO calls for global action to "protect health from climate change"
23 OCTOBER 2007 | GENEVA -- As momentum for action on climate change continues to grow, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced today that it will focus its World Health Day 2008 theme on "protecting health from climate change". Read more

Noncommunicable Diseases

  • Resolution WHA61.14 Prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases: implementation of the global strategy
  • Report by the Secretariat EB126/12 – January 2010, Prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases: implementation of the global strategy