About us

To improve the health and development of all people
by building a collective NGO voice and strengthen advocacy,
policy and action in the promotion and protection of health.

Since the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion has been adopted in 1986, NGOs have been making joint efforts in order to contribute to achieving the commonly shared objectives of the Ottawa Charter, the Adelaide, Jakarta and Mexico Statements and the Bangkok Charter for Health Promotion.

The NGO Advisory Group on Health Promotion formed at the WHO Jakarta Conference, 1997 submitted a Statement to the latest Health Promotion Conference in Bangkok, 2005 in support of the Bangkok Charter.

NGO Advisory Group on Health Promotion
We celebrated our 10 years’ anniversary in Geneva in May 2007 during the 60th World Health Assembly by organising a Briefing on "Integrated Primary Health Care – From Vision to Action".

Eleven organisations form the advisory group which has been the engine of all joint efforts and organizer of all activities in the past ten years.

NGO Health Promotion Platform
In order to open up the gates for all NGOs
         interested in health promotion
wishing to benefit from joint advocacy, policy and action and
         contribute to building a collective NGO voice
it was decided by the members to set up a wider network called Health Promotion Platform.

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